Bingo all the way to WINNing! Wednesday through Sunday, WinnaVegas offers the best in bingo, with warm-up sessions, double payouts and Regular Session. See our bingo schedule and pricing.

We have a Bingo Hot Line for the daily specials and current jackpot amounts. Call 800.468.9466 x7144.

Bingo is located in the event center. 18+ to play Bingo & Event Center slot machines only.

Daily Bingo Program

Electronic Bingo Program

Schedule & Pricing


4:30PM Admissions open

5:ooPM Early Bird Session

6:00PM Warm-up Session

7:00PM Regular Session



4:30PM Admissions open

5:00PM Early Bird Session

6:00PM Warm-up Session

7:00PM Regular Session

Level 1 = $10 buy in $125 Payout 12 on
Add on a 6 on for $6 = $125 Payout

Level 2 = $20 buy in $250 Payout 12 on
Add on a 6 on for $9 = $250 Payout

Level 3 = $28 buy in $400 Payout 12 on
Add on a 6 on for $12 = $400 Payout

Available after you purchase a Level 1, 2, or 3 Pack
– Piggy Bank $2
– Fish Bowl $1

We also offer electronic bingo. See our electronic package pricing.


  1. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to play Bingo.
  2. All guests must purchase a package and have a valid admission ticket. Please check your receipts to be sure you have everything paid for.
  3. No splitting of packs. This means multiple people cannot share or play on one pack from one receipt. (A paying customer helping another paying customer with a receipt, by reaching over and daubing a number, is NOT considered splitting a pack.)
  4. Your receipt must be signed and placed on the table in front of you. If you bingo and your receipt is not signed, your bingo will be invalid and cannot be paid.
  5. Two forms of identification are required to claim a prize over $1199: a state picture I.D. and social security card.
  6. Guests are responsible for taxes on prizes when applicable.
  7. We reserve the right to change the program without notice.
  8. No refunds or exchanges made for unplayed paper specials or packages.
  9. Payment of prize is valid on all games with proper serial number sold on the day the game is played.
  10. No food or drink can be brought in from the outside.
  11. If it becomes necessary to ask players to leave, admission will not be refunded.
  12. Complaints or disputes should be directed to management whose decision is final.
  13. No minors under 18 are allowed in the Bingo Hall. No minors are to be left in cars.
  14. It is the responsibility of all players to yell BINGO loud enough to alert the CALLER to STOP the game.
  15. Winners must have a bingo on the last number called to be valid. Once the caller closes the game, the game is over. No other bingo will be acknowledged.
  16. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  17. Management is not responsible for bingo equipment failure.
  18. Multiple winners will share the total cash value of each game equally.
  19. Payouts may be changed without notice. Depending on attendance.
  20. As a courtesy to your neighbors please shut your cell phones off or silence them.
  21. Tipping is GREATLY APPRECIATED and is NOT mandatory.
  22. Additional House Rules may be posted.

Jackpot Amounts

Piggy Bank


Fish Bowl




U Pick-Em Jackpot

$1,800 in 24 #'s or less

Bonanza Jackpot

$12,800 in 50 #'s or less

Indian Star

$3,320 in 33 #'s or less